Article 11


  1. In any election of more than one member or delegate unto a Committee, or a Caucus, or the Congress, or the Convention established by or under this Constitution (excluding the Women Caucus and political offices), the election shall be conducted so as to ensure that, so far as shall be practicable having regard to the candidates nominated for election, not fewer than 30% of those so elected are women.
  2. At an election to which section 1 of this Article applies, the votes shall first be counted and candidates deemed to be elected in the normal manner. At the end of the count, if fewer then 30% of the candidates deemed to be elected are of one sex, a sufficient number of candidates of that sex, starting with the last such candidate to be excluded, shall be declared to have been elected in substitution for an equal number of candidates of the other sex, starting with the last such candidate to be deemed elected, so as to ensure that the section is complied with.
  3. This Article shall not apply to elections to a single office or position.
  4. Where an election takes place to fill a casual vacancy, the vacancy shall not be filled in such a way as to reduce the proportion of women below 30% of voting members of the body in question.
  5. The NEC shall ensure that no fewer than 30% of the persons appointed as members of its sub-committees and additional sub-committees are women.