Article 18


1. The Party may on the approval of the Board of Trustees associate with other political organizations.

2. The Party may on the approval of the Board of Trustees form an alliance with an identified political organization and or individuals provided the organization or individual meets the following criteria:
a. It is an individual or an organization of persons having a common link of interest with KOWA’s objectives and principles.

b. The organization’s membership is limited to members of the Party or non-members who support the fundamental values and objectives of the Party;

c. The organization’s its internal procedures conform to the basic democratic principles set forth in this Constitution and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

3. Such organization or individual, subject to any criteria further established and pursuant to this Constitution, shall be recognized as an Associated Organization or Individual (“AO”) by the National Executive Committee.

4. The National Executive Committee will develop a strategy for identifying and working with the above-mentioned individuals and/or organizations, outlining party benefits from associations.