Article 21


1. All members, without exception, must abide by the Constitution, Standing Orders, and Codes of Conduct of the Party as adopted or amended from time to time.

2. Disciplinary proceedings against a member shall be confined to violations of the Party Constitution, Standing Orders and Codes of Conduct shall be as set out by the Party’s NEC and BOT.

3. No conflict, disagreement or controversy or related issues shall lead to factions within the Party at the National, State, Local Government and Ward Levels of the Party. Any person or group of persons who come together to form a parallel Executive Committee or set up a parallel office or meeting or any such activity or organ at any level from National to Ward levels aside other than those registered at the National Secretariat and recognized by the BOT and BOF shall be deemed to have been dismissed from the Party with or without prior notice – written or verbal. Any person or group of persons who promotes, masterminds or attempts to factionalize the Party shall earn automatic dismissal from the Party. And if such person or group of persons continue to parade themselves as the Party’s members or officers shall face legal actions from the Party’s authorities. Factional activities are STRICTLY prohibited in KOWA Party.