Article 19


1. (a) The rate and scale of annual membership, affiliation of associated organizations, and National Convention delegate fees shall be as fixed from time to time by the NEC.

(b) The NEC shall have the power to reduce or waive affiliation fees in any case of financial hardship.

(c) In any case of failure to pay affiliation or National Convention delegate fees, or to transmit such information as may be prescribed by this Constitution, within the time fixed for the purpose, the NEC may in its discretion extend the time so fixed.

2. Membership dues can be paid to any Party office; State and National Convention delegate fees must be paid to the relevant SEC and the NEC respectively; affiliation fee payments will be collected as designated by the NEC.

3. All funds received by the Party shall be administered under the direction of the NEC.

4. The receipts and payments of the Party shall be audited annually by an auditor proposed by the NEC and appointed by the National Convention for that purpose.

5. The financial year of the Party ends on the 31st December in every year, to which day the accounts of the Party shall be balanced.

6. The NEC is empowered to impose special levies on all members, and any such levy shall be paid in addition to the annual membership fee.

7. Fundraising guidelines and activities shall be set by the NEC to guide activities at the National, State, LG and WEC levels of the Party

8. Financial Control: Party expenses shall be as authorized by a member of the BOT appointed for that purpose by the BOT in writing (electronically or otherwise) or verbally. Notwithstanding this provision, in cases of emergency or the absence of the BOT member responsible for the authorization or when non-availability of funds can hurt the Party’s interest for a particular or general activity, the required amount may be authorized to be withdrawn for use by the Chairman of the BOT or any member of the BOT available at that moment. Notwithstanding these provisions, all financial regulations of the Party shall be as set by the BOT.