Article 8


  1. There will be a Body of Founding Members which shall be an integral part of the Board of Trustees charged with the duty of protecting the vision of the party.
  2. The responsibility for the safeguarding of the principles of the party its ethos values goals and objectives as contained in Article 4 herein is placed on the Body of Founding Members.
  3. The Body of Founding Members shall have the power and responsibility to give final approval over the following issues:
    (a) The approval of the final list of candidates for election into offices of the party or public offices
    (b) The approval of any merger or association with another political party or organ to form a coalition or joint association for the purpose of forming a government or presenting common candidates for election posts.
    (c) It shall also be the duty and responsibility of the Body to determine whether any decision or resolution of any organ of the party (brought to its attention or its opinion requiring review) is in conformity and adherence to the general guiding principles, ethos, values, goals and objectives of the party as provided in Article 4 and the decision of the Body on any such issue shall be binding and final.
  4. The Body of Founding Members shall meet as it may consider necessary upon a notice to convene issued by a member of the Body. The Body shall regulate its own procedure. Decisions of the Body shall be reached by a vote of 75% of members (currently the vote of 12 (Twelve) members out of the fifteen (15). The proceedings, minutes and deliberation of the Body shall be confidential and privileged and shall not be for circulation for any other organ of the party. The proceedings, minutes and deliberations shall also not be subject to production before a court of law as evidence.
  5. The decisions of the Body of Founding Members on the issues listed in Article 8(3) shall be final and not subject to review by any organ of the party or a court of law.
  6. The Founding Members shall serve for their life or at their pleasure unless removed by the vote of 75% of other members (which on the current Body shall be the vote of 12 members).
  7. New members may be appointed into the Body from other existing founding members in the event of the death, incapacity, resignation or removal of an existing member of the Body.

Duties and Powers of the Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees shall have the following powers and functions:
a. Review all proposals by the Executive Committees; the BOT shall review NEC proposals prior to presentation at the National Convention.

b. Generate funds for the achievement of the Party’s objectives

c. Receive, discuss and review reports on activities of the Party apparatus, including the NEC, SEC, LGAEC and WEC, specifically to ensure that due process is followed. If any activity is deemed unconstitutional according to the provisions of this constitution, the BOT, has the power to amend decisions taken by the NEC, SEC, LGAEC and WEC respectively

d. Screening of candidates for election into the Party and or Public offices

e. Appraise, review and report on performance of the party against stated objectives of the Party

f. Constitute Executive Committees at National, State, LG or Ward levels (SEC, LGAEC, and WEC being on NEC’s recommendations) to function on interim capacity for a period of not more than two (2) years after which a substantive Executive Committee shall emerge through a National Convention or Congress following a time-table approved for that purpose by the Party’s BOT published and executed by the NEC. In the event of a vacant NEC position, the BOT shall have the power to make appointment into that office pending the convening of a National or Special Convention and may remove a person so appointed at its discretion before the National Convention.

g. Meet with the NEC not later than two months to the Party’s National or Special Convention to harmonize positions and take collective decisions with regard to setting the Convention Standing Rules and other issues considered crucial to the convention’s success and the Party’s welfare

h. Declare vacant any NEC office, other than that of the Party’s national chairperson, that the occupier is considered in the judgment of two-third members of the BOT to be inactive or incompetent.

i. Appoint a National Organising Secretary for the Party who shall represent it on the NEC, except in a situation where a substantive OS elected at a national convention is still in office.

In addition to the above powers, the BOT shall:
a. Be the chief custodian of all properties and assets of the Party

b. Be the chief custodian of the Party constitution and manifesto

c. Review the policies and programs of the Party and in that regard, have the right to veto any decision taken by any of the constituent bodies, units or officials of THE PARTY, provided that any such veto can be over-ridden by the National Convention

d. Be the final adjudicatory body of the Party, where appeals from decisions of the NEC shall lie. The decision of the BOT shall be final and binding in such cases except for decision on the issues specifically reserved for the Body of Found Members contained in Article 8 (3).

e. Ratify or rescind expulsions from the Party.

Members of the Board of Trustees:
The following shall constitute the members of the Board of Trustees:
a. Fifteen (15) Founding Members to be elected by the Founding Members; this shall be known as the Body of Founding Members.

b. National chairperson and the national secretary of the party

c. Five (5) members co-opted by the Board from the NEC and general membership

d. BOT Secretary appointed by the BOT.

A member of the Board of Trustees shall not run for any political office within the Party or any Local, State or National election; except the member resigns his/her position on the Board of Trustees. In the event of not winning the office so contested he/she shall have the right to re-apply for readmission to the BOT and shall be so obliged except two-thirds majority of the BOT members object by secret ballot at a BOT meeting called for that purpose.

The tenure of members of the Board of Trustees shall be limited to four (4) years.

Election of the Board of Trustees
Upon the expiration of the tenure of members of the Board of Trustees, they may be nominated for re-election or new members may be elected at subsequent National Conventions or at a Special Convention duly convened in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

Removal of Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Removal of a Board member other than a founding member shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of other members of the Board of Trustees or a majority vote at the National Convention.
  • Removal of a Founding Member shall be by a majority vote of 75% of the Body of Founding Members or 12 votes in favour in the current Body.