Article 14


1. In the first twelve (12) years of the existence of KOWA each Local Government Area in each state of the Federation where there are not less than two (2) Wards of not less than ten registered KOWA members each shall convene a LGA Congress to be organised by the SEC with a written permission of the NEC

2. A Special LGA Congress may be summoned at any time by the LGAEC, to consider only those proposals that are submitted to it by the LGAEC or as directed by the NEC.

Duties and Powers of the Local Government Area Congress
1. The LGA Congress shall nominate candidates for Public Office at the LGA level, adopt a platform for the LGA and act upon other such matters as it deems appropriate

2. They shall also elect all members of the LGAEC
a. The Process for election of members unto the LGAEC shall be in accordance with the guidelines issued by the NEC

3. The first business of the LGA Congress shall be to confirm the agenda or order of proceedings that would govern the conduct of its business, subject to guidelines by the NEC and until the same is confirmed, the LGA Congress and the activities attendant thereto shall be governed by the order of proceedings proposed by the LGAEC in the Call to the LGA Congress.

Further, the LGA Congress shall:
a. Receive and discuss the reports of the LGAEC which shall include the Chairperson’s address, the LGA Secretary’s report, which shall include a report on the work and activities of the Party, including Party Caucuses, and the LGA Treasurer Report

b. Have the right and power to review, ratify, alter or rescind any decision taken by any of the constituent bodies, units or officials of the Party at the LGA level.

c. Debate, set the general direction of and formally adopt the policy of the Party at the LGA level. Every LGA Party member shall abide by the decisions of the LGA Congress.

The Local Government Congress shall consist of the following members of the Party in the LGA:
a. All members of the LGA Executive Committee

b. The Ward Party Chairpersons

c. The Ward Party Secretaries

d. LGA Caucus leaders

The LGAEC has the power to appoint an LGA Congress Organizing Committee which will circulate convention information in advance, and indicate how the membership can then ensure their concerns are on the agenda.

The Congress shall determine its own procedures in accordance with democratic principles subject to guidelines as provided by the NEC and in accordance with this Constitution.

Voting on key questions shall be by secret ballot unless at least two-thirds of the delegates at LGA Congress agree to a vote by show of hands or otherwise.