Article 9


  1. The Party shall assemble in National Convention not later than one month to the expiration of the term of the existing NEC and a Call to the National Convention shall be circulated to Party members.
  2. A Special Convention may be summoned at any time by the NEC, to consider strictly the agenda submitted by the NEC or as directed by the BOT.
  3. Duties and Powers

  4. The National Convention shall recognize all State Delegates of the Party and other persons entitled to participate in the conduct of the national affairs of KOWA Party, including its conferences committees and conventions.
  5. The National Convention shall nominate a candidate for the office of President and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, adopt a manifesto and act upon other such matters as it deems appropriate.
  6. The National Convention shall also elect all members of the NEC, including the six (6) Vice-Chairpersons, the National Youth Caucus leader, the National Women’s Caucus leader, and the National Trade Unionists Caucus leader. The National/Special Convention shall have the power to confirm the outgoing NEC for another term of four years by two-thirds of the delegates present – by show of hands, voice vote, or secret balloting – if there have not been expression of interest to contest for the offices and the incumbents are prepared to continue in office.
    a. NEC members shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of Sections 28-30 of Article 10 or as otherwise directed by the BOT.
  7. The first business of the National Convention shall be to confirm the agenda or order of proceedings that would govern the conduct of its business and until the same is confirmed, the Convention and the activities attendant thereto shall be governed by the order of proceedings proposed by the NEC in the Call to the National Convention.
  8. Further, the National Convention shall:
    a. Receive and discuss the reports of the NEC which shall include the Chairperson’s address, the National Secretary’s report, which shall include a report on the work and activities of the Party, including Party Caucuses, and the National Treasurer Report

    b. Have the right and power to review, ratify, alter or rescind any decision taken by any of the constituent bodies, units or officials of the Party

    c. Debate, set the general direction of and formally adopt the policy of the Party. Every Party member shall abide by the decisions of the National Convention.

  9. The National Convention shall consist of the following members of the Party:

    a. All members of the BOT

    b. All members of the NEC

    c. The President and Vice President of the FGN

    d. The Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives

    e. All-State Governors

    f. All members of the National Assembly

    g. All-State Chairpersons and Secretaries of the Party; three other delegates representing the three Senatorial Zones of each state elected at respective state congresses.

    h. All members of the State Houses of Assembly elected on the platform of KOWA Party.

    i. The Party’s National caucus leaders

    j. Other Party members accredited by the BOT or NEC and approved by three-quarters of BOT members in an open ballot by show of hands at a BOT meeting not later than one month to the Party’s National Convention.

  10. The NEC has the power to appoint a Convention Organizing Committee which will circulate convention information in advance, and indicate how the membership can then ensure their concerns are on the agenda.
  11. The Convention shall determine its own procedures as proposed by the NEC in accordance with democratic principles.
  12. Voting on key questions shall be by secret ballot unless at least two-thirds of the delegates at the National Convention agree to a vote by show of hands or otherwise.