Article 5


  1. The Party shall have a manifesto which shall be implemented by all members, officers and organs of the Party; and governments elected on the platform of the Party shall forge the necessary alliances, build bridges and work in collaboration with Party members to ensure the successful implementation of the Party’s manifesto.
  2. The Party shall have the following as its primary objectives and shall, through the machinery of government, strive to reflect the following objects in the laws and institutions of Nigeria; to wit:
  • Enshrining the principles of democracy in which all people can participate in decision-making on an equal basis wherever their interests are affected.
  • Ensuring access to information and analysis through a media that enjoy the guaranteed freedom of the press with diverse ownership and underpinned by effective freedom of information legislation.
  • Ensuring equality in political competition, with proportionate resources being available to all parties within the political system.
  • Ensuring clean water, clean air, safe food and a sustainable environment for the present and future generations of the Nigerian people.
  • Creation and distribution of wealth through the investment, development and management of Nigeria’s assets and resources as well as the modernization of agricultural production.
  • Provision of effective, high quality and accountable public services through an efficient and competitive public sector which operates in an open, mixed economy, is responsive to consumer needs and generates and maintains quality employment and a sustainable environment.
  • Provision of efficient and affordable transportation of goods and persons by developing efficient rail and road network as well as inland waterways and marine transport systems.
  • Ensuring that all men, women and children enjoy basic human rights, including the right to adequate housing, to food security, to an adequate standard of living, to proper levels of health care and education and to employment, irrespective of income, power or privilege.
  • Upholding the integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as one united indivisible political entity;
  • Promoting national integration and the peaceful co-existence of the diverse communities of our nation;
  • Guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary and the recognition of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and
  • Any other objects contemplated by the provisions of Chapter II of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.