Article 12


1. Party Officers shall include the members of the following committees:
a. National Executive Committee;
b. State Executive Committee;
c. Local Government Executive Committee;
d. Ward Executive Committee;

2. Party workers are all other party members that work under the Sub-Committees created within the party and/or at Party Offices /Secretariats.

Duties and Powers of the Party Chairperson
3. The Party Chairperson shall be the principal representative and spokesperson of the Party, both nationally and internationally, and shall be responsible for the well-being of the Party and for ensuring that it makes a leading contribution to national life.

4. Subject to the ultimate control exercised by the Board of Trustees, National Convention and the decisions of the NEC, the Party Chairperson shall be entitled to the support of every Party member in the performance of these functions.

5. The Party Chairperson shall be assisted by the Party Vice Chairperson, the National Secretary and other NEC members in the performance of his or her functions.

Duties and Power of the National Secretary
6. The National Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Party and, subject to this Constitution, shall be responsible for the management and control of the Head Office, the Party’s Organizational and administrative affairs and its general development and expansion.

7. The National Secretary shall, in particular –
a. ensure that records are taken and maintained of meetings of the NEC and the National Convention,
b. ensure that a register of members (indicating their branches, if any) and branches is maintained, specifying their paid-up status, and
c. carry out the decisions of the National Convention and the NEC;
d. notify the INEC of all conventions, congresses and meetings convened for the purpose of electing any member of the Executive Committees.
e. be assisted in the performance of his/her duties by the National Organising Secretary

Duties of the National Treasurer
8. The National Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring that the financial affairs of the Party are well managed and that proper accounts and records relating to the finances of the Party are kept.

Duties of the National Organising Secretary
9. The National Organising Secretary shall
a. ensure the effective functioning of the Party’s National Secretariat in the delivery of its mandate and carry out oversight of the national secretariat staff for optimum delivery

b. interface with INEC and other relevant electoral bodies and security agencies on behalf of the Party, and work generally to assist the Party to actualize its vision and objectives

c. shall be an administrative and political technocrat appointed by the BOT to represent it at the Party’s NEC or elected at a national convention.

d. assist the Party’s chairperson and national secretary in the discharge of their responsibilities.

e. coordinate membership mobilization in collaboration with SECs across the country

f. ensure the safety and proper handling of the Secretariat’s equipment and other Party assets

g. provide cost-effective budgetary estimates for Party programmes and activities annually, periodically and as required.

h. initiate and implement strategic plans for the Party

i. monitor Party activities in the state and report periodically to the NEC and BOT including emergencies that require their immediate attention

h. carry out other duties as may be assigned by the BOT and NEC